KAM is producing an increasing number of biotechnology solutions for the construction industry. Current products include environmentally safe soil stabilizers, soil toxin removers, copolymer additives for paint, superplasticizers for cement, and polymer sealers.

KAM Construction Products Include:

  • Dust control and soil stabilizers
  • Graphic arts polymer components
  • Sealer components
  • Permanent sealers
  • Removable sealers
  • Permanent floor sealers

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  • Superplasticizers
  • Architectual coatings
  • Co-polymers for adhesion improvement
  • Co-polymers to improve water resistance.
  • Adhesives for labels, cardboard, textiles and foam.

Our Construction Products



DURATAN 6000 is a biodispersant, fluidifier and superplastisizer in the concrete industries.

DURATAN 6000 improves the flow properties of the mix by dispersing the cement particles and breaking up agglomerates by steric repulsion.  It is a potential high-range, mid-range and low-range water reducer for the ready-mix market.

Field of Application:

  • Intended principally for precast applications where high water reduction and high early strength  are reqired.
  • Pumped  concrete
  • Pervious
  • Marine concrete
  • High and ultra-high performance concrete
  • Granite concrete
  • Self-compacting concrete
  • Architectural concrete
  • Blended cement concrete
  • Lightweight concrete


  • Very high strength    
  • High early strength
  • Good workability
  • Low water-to-cement ratio, down to 0.30 and less
  • Reduced cement and reduced carbon footprint
  • Good durability and sustainability

DURATAN 6000 is available in quantities of 1, 4, 20, 208, and 1000 liters.

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