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KAM BRITE 1000 is a proprietary liquid descaler specifically formulated to dissolve all water scale, lime, mud, rust and other water-formed deposits which are found in any type of water operated heat transfer equipment or cooling system.

Phenomenal has been the success of this revolutionary liquid descaler were water-based, cooled or heated equipment users everywhere have realized the cost effectiveness of using KAM BRITE 1000 as part of their maintenance system.

Environmentally-safe, KAM BRITE 1000 is non-flammable. It is safe to use on most metal alloys, rubber, plastic, fiberglass, and all other materials commonly found in industrial equipment.

Cleaning with KAM BRITE 1000 is safe, quick, simple, and cost effective

KAM BRITE 1000 is available in quantities of 1, 4, 20, 208 and 1000 liters.

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