Pulp & Paper Industry

KAM offers a number of cost effective biotechnology solutions for the pulp and paper industry. In addition to being environmentally safe, these products provide relief from common problems such as buildup on felts and wires, as well as superior treatment of wastewater.

Wastewater Treatment Options:
  • Bio-augmentation of water treatment systems reduces the residence time and avoids tertiary treatments (Breaks down the NBD COD).
  • Biodegrade fatty acids and resinic acids in the effluents.
  • Detoxify the sludge.
  • Control odor and enhance waste recovery.
  • Dehydrate sludge
  • Substitute hazardous chemical nutrients (phosphoric acid and nitrogen ammonia) by using bio nutrients.
  • Enzymatically removes colours and pigments.
Application Process:
  • Alasan Biodispersion
  • Retention aids
  • Drainage aids
  • Biodispersion of stickies and pigments
  • Biodispersion of TiO2
  • Biocleaners for felts and wires
  • Biocides with nanoparticles technology

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Biological products for teh pulp and paper industry

Our Pulp & Paper Products



ORGANO-FLOC 475 is a new coagulant developed by Kam Biotechnology Ltd. In the past ten years, many scientific publications showed that the efficiency of coagulation-flocculation was dependant on the types of aluminum species, on the various anions or cations present, and on the physical and chemical phenomena occurring.

ORGANO-FLOC 475 is the outcome of these investigations and is definitely a technological breakthrough.

ORGANO-FLOC 475 can be used in all processes requiring conventional cationic metallic salts. For example, in potable water treatment, in wastewater treatment, in pulp and paper making, etc. It is a very active polymerized basic aluminum salt containing silicate, an effective polymeric mineral-bridging agent.

Easy to handle, ORGANO-FLOC 475 works faster and more effectively, making it the best alternative on the market.

  • Most effective at low temperatures
  • Easy to handle, feed and store
  • Reduces residual aluminum compounds in treated water
  • Minimizes the requirement for costly alkali additives
  • Works over a wider pH range
  • Easier dosage adjustments for varying raw water
  • Forms dense rapid settling floc
  • Improves adsorption

ORGANO-FLOC 475 is available in quantities of 1, 4, 20, 208 and 1000KG.

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