Biological Wastewater Treatment: Municipal & Industrial

KAM Biotechnology offers a number of products to decontaminate wastewater and speed the purification process by augmenting the biological environment. Flocculants speed the rate of coagulation of sludges; enzymes, fungi, and microbials remove nitrates, phosphates, heavy metals, and odors.

Our Wastewater Treatment Products Assist In:

  • Bioaugmentation of the biological system
  • Denitrification
  • Phosphate removal
  • Sludge and waste minimization.
  • Heavy Metals Removal
  • Sludge dewatering and Valorization to produce bioenergy.
  • BOD-COD-TSS- odor and color removal using the White Rot Fungi technology.

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Biological Aquaculture Products

Our Biological Wastewater Treatment Products




CELLOZYME 300 PC is based on Phanerochaete chrysosporium a well-known White Rot Fungus for its ability to breakdown a variety of persistant chemicals under aerobic and facultative anaerobic conditions.

CELLOZYME 300 PC is a mixture of white rot fungi, peroxidases, micro- and macro-nutrients, specifically formulated to breakdown COD, SS and various types of organic compounds, including halogenated phenols, herbicides, insecticides, dioxin, PCB and similar type compounds, to ecologically acceptable end products which are nontoxic to the environment.

CELLOZYME 300 PC enzymatically dehydrohalogenates the ring structure of halogenated compounds. This is followed
by oxidation of the partially dehydrogenated compounds to low molecular weight fragments that can be readily metabolized by the natural microbial ecosystems already existing in the environment.

CELLOZYME 300 PC is available in quantities of 1, 4, 208, and 1000 liters.

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